Do we need to have a conversation?

Do you have a career goal or dilemma that has become too important to ignore?

If you have been feeling stuck for some time, whether that's knowing what to do or how to do it, or are experiencing stuck thinking (low motivation or confidence issues), then coaching can help you succeed.

If you want to talk to us about your situation why not book a career review consultation with us?

What happens in a Career Review Consultation

We'll explore:

- What you really want from your career 12 months from now and why that's important to you
- Your current situation: what you have tried already and where you feel you are getting stuck with doing this on your own
- The actions you'll need to take to get unstuck and get you back on the path to having the career clarity, skills, credibility and confidence you want

We will also discuss our fees based on what we agree are the areas we should work on, plus ways you can pay us including by installments. (If you have a fixed budget, we will always seek to work within that, whilst being honest with you about what is realistic for us to achieve if your budget is very tight.)

Then only if we agree that we are a good fit for each other and that we would like to work together, would we discuss next steps. If the fit isn't there, we will always recommend other coaches or other resources which are more appropriate for you at this time. We will never pressure you into a coaching programme that you do not want or cannot afford.

To arrange your free Career Review

To arrange a consultation, please book yourself a 45 minute appointment from the online calendar, entering in your name, job title/company and email, phone and Skype details. Include a short summary of what you want to discuss, your expectations of the results you'd want to achieve with coaching, and a list of questions you want answered on the call to be able to confidently decide about working with The Career Coach.

You will receive an email confirmation with a form to be completed to give us more background about you. Please turn up for your session. If something comes up that you can't avoid, we ask that you send us an email to cancel or re-arrange it as soon as you are able.

Who should arrange a Consultation

Professionals (not new graduates) ready to make changes in their career at this time and serious about investing their time and money in receiving independent, professional support to achieve that aim will benefit from a free career review.

Who shouldn't arrange a Consultation

We recommend not to arrange a Career Review if you have competing circumstances at this time such as a house move, getting married, serious illness including untreated clinical depression or anything else that could compromise your ability to commit wholly to this process.

Also you need to be aware that coaching is a commitment of money, time and effort for sustainable results. The average a client invests in their results is between £720 and £1499, so if this isn't doable for you, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Is coaching for me?

Our view is that coaching is useful for every professional serious about having an interesting, fulfilling career. We all need to take time out to reflect and get perspective. When done with a trained professional who knows how to ask probing questions and get to the heart of the matter with you, the impact can be life changing. If you're not sure whether coaching is for you, then consider whether the following are occurring for you and reach out to us::

- You have had the same goal for a long time, for example, finding a new job, making a career change, mending a difficult working relationship - and you're not gaining traction.
- Friends and family are sympathetic to your situation but are frustrated because they can help you no further - they know you need to seek external professional support to move forwards.
- You know there is a behavioural or thinking pattern 'running you' such as procrastination, lack of motivation, or lack of confidence, and you know there will be negative consequences for your career and your feelings about yourself if you do nothing.

Read more about how we have helped past clients just like you at What clients say.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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P.S. If you are only looking for a new CV or Interview Coaching, you do not need to book a Consultation with us. Simply send us an email with what you are looking for and we can arrange that for you right away.

We work with professionals who want to build careers that fulfil them intellectually, financially and emotionally, while making a difference in their chosen field. While many of our clients work in financial services, law, IT, charities and government, we work with clients in every field.