Over the years, we've come across good and not so good resources in the area of career and business development, and personal effectiveness. These are our favourites.

Changing career

Nick Williams: The Work We Were Born to Do: Find the Work You Love, Love the Work You Do - What's holding you back from making a change? Nick's book shows you how to undo your conditioning so you can follow your heart's desire (and make money from it)

Po Bronson: What Should I Do With My Life? - Fancy doing something completely different? This book charts what happened to 50 people who ditched their old job to follow their heart. Inspirational, rather than a 'how to'

Richard Bolles: What Color is Your Parachute - US career-changer classic. Useful exercises to get to know yourself better, and strong on networking

Jim Bright: Should I Stay or Should I Go?: How to Make That Crucial Job Move Decision - Assessments to help you determine whether you should go, and tips to help you make the transition

Martha Beck: Finding Your Own North Star - Lively book, full of useful exercises to evaluate your life and has a useful model to help you understand change/transition

Barbara and Paul Tieger: Do What You Are - If you know your Myers Briggs type, you can read the chapter on your type with useful insights into how you can make your job search more effective, and see the suggested career options for your type

The First 30 Days: Ariane de Bonvoisin - Whether you're changing our career, finances, relationship or health, this easy to read book is crammed with practical tips on how to make the process of change easier

Interviewing, CVs and networking

Martin John Yate: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions - A classic, and still the best interviewing book

Graham Perkins: Killer CVs & Hidden Approaches - Tips to help you network your way into your next job

Pam Lassiter: The New Job Security: Five Skills to Take Control of Your Career - A different perspective on networking

Effectiveness at work

Influence Puzzle: Val Williams - leadership presence from the inside out. This book for senior leaders shows you how to get things done in your organisation and through that, make an impact in the wider world.

Susan Scott: Fierce Conversations - need to talk frankly with your boss, a colleague or a partner? This book will help you have a powerful, yet effective conversation

Genie Z Laborde: Influencing with Integrity - Improve your communication and influencing skills with this NLP primer

Jim Loehr & Tony Schwarz: On Form: Achieving High Energy Performance Without Sacrificing Health and Happiness and Life Balance - Brilliant book on managing your energy to be at your best. Takes a more holistic view of time management than most.

Self employment

Michael E Gerber: E-Myth Revisited - Making the transition between working full time and becoming self employed? This book is a must

Barbara J Winter: Making a Living Without A Job - Wonderful book to get you thinking creatively about your business, and how to get it working for you.


Jenny Ditzler: Your Best Year Yet! - Has a simple yet powerful set of questions to help you set goals for the coming year.

Creating more balance, joy and fun

Martha Beck: The Joy Diet - 10 Steps To a Happier Life - Small book packed with ideas to bring more ease, joy and laughter into your life

Have we missed anything? If there's a book you think we should add to this list, email us.