Find Your New Direction Programme

In need of a new career direction?

Then you want to seriously consider whether Find Your New Direction: A Seven Session Programme for Career Changers could move you from dreaming and talking about it to making it happen.

In two to three months, we'll get you from confusion and either option overload or not having the slightest idea where to start, to testing what could be viable for you. And giving you a personal action plan to help you get there.

There's no need to battle away on your own, and fret about whether you're doing the right thing or having a flight of fancy. Enjoy the support of a coach, and get the results you're after, fast!

How does it work?

You will be working through three stages.

EXPLORE: First we'll get you to really know yourself. You'll discover your key needs and values; your strengths and favourite skills; your interests and passions. They're all the things that really float your boat, and will make your career deeply satisfying.

DREAM: Then we create a whole bunch of new career possibilities, and we'll get really creative with this. Some might be closely related to your current job - others could be totally different. You'll get some great ideas you'd never thought of before, and with the support of your coach and research get clarity on the options that are most appropriate for you.

DISCOVER: This is where you get even more focussed about your chosen path, and look at the gaps that have to be bridged before you can get there. We then create a sound strategic action plan to move you off in your new direction.

Your sessions will be approximately an hour each. Between calls you'll also complete various assessments, including the Strengthscope and Myers Briggs psychometric assessments, for which you should allow a time commitment of around 2 hours per week.

To read up on this programme here. Lawyers have their programme here.

A recent survey from CV Library (Nov 2017) said 75.7% British professionals would start a new career if they had the chance. If you've ever toyed with the idea of doing something new, returning to study, creating a portfolio career, this programme will give you the time and thinking space to explore and test whether you should make the leap.

So what are you waiting for? Book here to schedule a conversation in confidence to see if it's right for you.