Career Coaching for Professionals

Why is coaching helpful?

You're bright and talented at what you do. So why would you need a coach?

There are many reasons why you might hire a coach. Here are a few. Do any of these resonate for you?

- There are immense demands on your time and you are struggling to prioritise and work and life is out of balance.

- You're at a level where you need to influence senior people and navigate office politics. Your role demands that you have credibility and visibility with the right people.

- You're struggling with a difficult boss, maybe even experiencing bullying or harassment.

- You had your sights on a promotion, but then lost it or you got a promotion and months later are still finding it a stretch and need support developing your skills and confidence.

- You want more recognition and reward, financially and personally, and looking for ways to do that in your current organisation before you find another job outside.

- You have a strong desire to be your best and feel there you have so much potential but want to work with a coach to develop and grow and reach it.

Performance coaching is the fast-track route to meeting your professional (and personal) needs. Coaching helps to turn confusion into clarity. You'll identify and dispel limiting beliefs that are holding your back. You'll get new insights and strategies to help you move forward.

Coaching isn't navel-gazing or a cosy chat. It's about getting real with yourself and what you want, being prepared to be challenged and to look at things differently. Above all, it's about taking action and creating real, lasting change.

The programme

The Career Coach Coaching for Professionals Programme starts by taking our Complete Career MOT Assessment, a 36 point checklist which examines all aspects of your career. We'll also look at how work fits into the rest of your life, and the life you want for yourself in the future. Once we know where you're at, and what you want to work on, we begin the coaching!

Depending on the level of support you want, we meet on the telephone 2, 3 or 4 times a month, usually for 30-40 minutes. During these calls, you'll get clearer about your issues and come away with an action plan to be done in time for the next call. This means that as well as considering the financial investment, you must consider how much time you can invest in making this happen for yourself.


Coaching is an intensive experience, and requires total commitment. For this reason, we advise that you don't contact us until you feel ready to go for it! However, if you are ready to give it a go, then let's talk more, and get you moving towards your goals fast!

How do I find out more?

Click here to arrange a free initial consultation. The consultation will help you determine whether we can help you and are a good fit. (If we feel another professional or coach would be more suitable for you, we'll refer you to someone who we know will fit the bill)