Christmas Networking Party Tips

By Stephanie Peckham, Director of Magic of Networking (

1. Remember why you are all there and that networking is in essence just building relationships. So relax, enjoy yourself and get to know a few people.

2. However, this is an opportunity to find out more about some of your colleagues, so try and really listen to them when they are telling you about themselves. Remember the things that are important to them so that you can pass useful 'stuff' or contacts forward to them in the future.

3. Make thoughtful introductions! This doesn't mean 'dumping' people onto passing colleagues, but introducing people to those they may actually like to be introduced to.

4. Don't be a hog! If you're talking to someone and you know that others may like to talk to them, invite others into the conversation and leave the group when appropriate.

5. Remember 'appropriate disclosure' is an essential networking rule and that alcohol can have a profound impact on how much and what we disclose - about ourselves and others! Be known as a good networker, not the company gossip!

6. Make a positive impact. Talk about things that are interesting and upbeat and leave a conversation before it becomes dry or boring. Try not to have conversations about topics that bring you down (perhaps make 'credit crunch' or 'recession' taboo words for this evening!) - they will have a negative impact on your whole aura and make you less attractive to talk to!

7. Is a business card exchange appropriate in this environment? Mostly not, as this is a social event. However, if there is someone you want to keep in touch with, use your card very discreetly or just jot down their contact details.

8. Remember that successful networking is based on what people say about you when you're not there. What do you want your colleagues to be saying about you after the party?

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