Coaching Supervision for Coaches and Managers

It is very frustrating coming out of a client meeting or off a Skype call, knowing in our bones that we just didn't do the best for our client.

When we go into coaching because we are driven to help others reach their full potential, and in the session our client simply isn't getting the breakthroughs in thinking or in creating the results they came to us for, it is upsetting and unsatisfying for both us and our client.

Sometimes it's a particular client "type" that triggers us, and we're aware it's getting in the way of us connecting and partnering fully with our client.

These and many other issues can seriously affect our confidence as a coach and our ability to build a thriving, successful coaching practice.

Coaching supervision with an experienced Coach can take situations like these and turn them into opportunities for you to build competency, confidence and creativity in your coaching so as you ensure the best possible service to all your clients and enhance your professional standing and reputation as a coach.

Having formal and protected time for in-depth reflection to discuss your work in a confidential setting is also recommended by all the major coaching professional bodies as a continuous process essential to maintain and sustain good practice, and is a requirement when applying for Accreditation.

For organisations, external supervision is the key to quality assurance, managing the risks that can be inherent in coaching including conflicts of interest, and drawing learning from the coaching conversations that take place in the organisation. It ensures that coaches are properly trained and supported in their roles, while helping to increase and provide evidence for the return on investment in coaching.

Supervision with The Career Coach

We offer fixed fee cost-effective one to one Supervision Programmes for professional development and accreditation purposes for:

- New, established and senior external independent leadership and career coaches Although we supervise all client issues, we believe that The Career Coach is the only supervision organisation in the UK to specialise in supervising career coaches and/or career management issues in clients

- Internal coaches and senior managers who have undergone coach training within their organisation, and career coaching departments within Business Schools.

Sessions are 50 minutes long, are usually monthly, and are conducted virtually by telephone or Skype, (although face to face is also available in central London for an additional fee).

Sessions are pre-booked in blocks of 4, 8 or 12 months and start from £480 for four sessions, with 20% off for newly qualified coaches (coaches with less than two years practice).

Group Supervision for groups of 4-12 staff are also available.

If you would like to:

1. Ensure the coaching you do is professional (to the highest standards) and ethical
2. Receive feedback and direction that enables you to overcome blind spots, develop skills, knowledge and increase your competence as a coach through new ways of working, so you're getting best from your clients
3. Have a regular space to be listened to, supported and offload where personal issues arise and to recover your personal confidence
4. Prepare for your upcoming ICF accreditation to ACC or PCC level
5. Reflect on how your coaching has deepened over time, and to be able to articulate more clearly your coaching philosophy and how you work with clients to potential individual or organisational clients

then give us a call on 020 7720 9299 or email us for an exploratory conversation to identify what you would like to work on and which supervision option would be appropriate for you.

Ros is my coaching supervisor and has been since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy the support and insight that Ros provides. She is a great listener and is able to shape a set of questions to help challenge my thinking and help be construct some new options moving forward. Ros has a calm and relaxed nature and this works very well and we learning and reflect on my coaching practice together. Ros provides good structure to her supervision work and I always come away feeling I have learnt a lot that am able to integrate into my coaching practice. June Boyle, Executive Coach

Companies requiring an external supervisor for a group of internal coaches or senior managers to ensure effective quality assurance can also get in touch to explore the setting up of and running of facilitated peer supervision sessions as well as one to one supervision.

We also offer one to one and group supervision for business schools with careers services.

About Ros Toynbee

Our Supervisor is Ros Toynbee, founder and director of The Career Coach, one of the UK's leading career management organisations. Ros brings fourteen years' experience of leadership and career management coaching to her supervision work.

She has trained in a number of coaching approaches including CoachU, Newfield, NLP, Solutions Based Coaching, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, Fireworks, Strengthscope and many others and for three years was the Association for Coaching's Co-Coaching/Supervision Facilitator for East Sussex. She is currently undergoing The Forton Group's Coaching Supervision certification. She is based in London.