Confident Development Planning Workshops for Managers and Staff

Your staff survey says that staff don't feel they have access to development opportunities.

You know that development is essential to engage, develop and retain talent. Which is why alongside your annual performance objective setting conversations, you're also expected to set development objectives and writing down relevant development plans with every one of your team.

So why doesn't it happen - and what can be done about it?

The Career Coach understands that career and development conversations are tricky and the barriers to having them happen on both sides.

Managers fear raising expectations they can't meet like promotions, secondments or time away to go on courses that the business can't afford.

Direct reports fuel this by also assuming the only way to 'progress' is up. They also mistakenly equate 'development' with 'going on a course' when in reality opportunities for development are available to them every day.

However, skilfully managed, a manager can draw this to a direct reports attention and help them take control of their development in a new (and more realistic) way.

Confident Development Planning for Managers is a half day workshop in which managers:

1. Learn simple models to identify what can be developed - and best ways to develop -both to excel in current role and reach future aspirations

2. Practice having effective development conversations and receive feedback

3. Understand how to write meaningful development plans

4. Empower their team to take ownership of and follow through on their plans

5. Handle with confidence a range of tricky conversations, from how to develop high flyers to managing those with little desire to develop

Throughout the workshop, managers will be coaching each other to create their own development plan, so that they have more tools and have greater confidence to coach their team to create their plans.

Interested? Schedule a call to discuss the needs of your organisation.

Also available is Confident Development Planning for Staff, a half-day workshop to:

1. Raise awareness of their career drivers and think through their career aspirations

2. Identify strengths to leverage and gaps to close to be able to excel in their current role and move towards their next one

3. Be fully prepared to have a development conversation with their manager, write a meaningful development plan and enlist their manager's support to fulfil their development goals over the coming year.