Create the Life You Want Through Self Care: 70 Tips from a Collection of Experts

Do you know how to look after your body, mind and spirit? Could you do with some tips on how to restore your soul, rediscover your passion and creativity and take better care of your physical self?

Create the Life You Want Through Self Care brings together 14 coaches who are experts in different areas of self care. There are over 70 great ideas in this handy booklet which are both practical and immediately useable. These well tested tools are available to inspire you and make a immediate difference... and you'll want to come back to this booklet again and again for more ideas!

Treat yourself, and buy a copy for a friend you know would love to know how to experience more lightness and ease :)

Chapter headings

- Eat More To Weight Less by Chere Bork
- Time Management by Erin Collins
- Let Creativity be your Guide by Linda Cotter
- Leverage your Talents and Strenths by Paula Davis-Laack
- Self Care Through Creating Joy by Stephanie Ellis Ecke
- After Cancer: A New Season by Pat Grosser
- Relief from Upper Back Knots by Kathryn Merrow
- Get Rid of Back Pain by Mark Reed
- Self Care Begins with You by Chris Sier
- Loving Yourself Inside Out by Cathy Silva
- Finding Renewal as a Mother by Ros Toynbee
- Step into Your Joy by Cheri Valentine
- Conquer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Hilma Volk
- Coping with Life's Curveballs by Ginny Williams

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