Get Hired! Job Search Coaching and CV Writing Services

You've outgrown your current job or organisation, and are looking for your next challenge.

Whether your job search has derailed and you have lost motivation - or you are just starting out - our Get Hired! Programmes will give you traction to get out there, and the ability and confidence to secure interviews and compelling job offers in this tricky job market.

Choose from our Get Hired! for Executives and Professionals and Get Hired! Executives and Professionals Lite Programmes.

Get Hired! Professionals is best for those wishing comprehensive support, whether you are starting out or have been searching for a while, yet aren't generating the results you want or you are losing motivation. Expect:

A professional sounding board where you can think through what you really want to offer and to whom ('your brand'), and to bring your personal job search and motivation challenges and break through them.
A diagnosis of where you are going wrong and efficient strategies that generate maximum results in the shortest time, including using social media.
A clear structure and an on-going support and accountability process, so you follow through and stay on track across the weeks until you achieve your goal.

Receive up to 8 hours personalised coaching with Ros Toynbee, done-for-you CV, cover letters and LinkedIn Profile with our in-house CV writer Rachel Vincent, plus templates, tips sheets and more.

Fee: £1600. Installment options are available.

Get Hired! Professionals Lite Programme is best for those who are clear about their intended job targets, and are beginning their search. You do not require on-going inspiration, support and accountability. You simply want a bit of professional guidance to get going, and know you can do the rest yourself. Receive

1. Two coaching sessions (1.5 hour each), including one 'Job Search Strategy Session', and one 'Interview Simulation' in which you are interviewed for a role of your choice. Receive detailed feedback on your interview strengths and weaknesses and agree a personalised interview action plan.
2. One done-for-you CV by Rachel Vincent, which you can re-purpose for your LinkedIn Profile.
3. Weekly Action Planning Tool

Fee: £720.

Other combinations of the above are available on request for individuals and companies wishing to offer outplacement coaching.

To find out which programme is right for you, complete this application form and email it to us with a list of suggested dates (daytimes and evenings) for your 30-40 minute critical decision consultation.

Please note Get Hired! is best for those already established in their careers (late 20s +). We do not currently offer programmes for new graduates.

CV Writing Services

Is your CV not doing you justice? Stuck for inspiration writing your cover letters or supporting statements? Delegate it to our full-time CV writer Rachel Vincent.

New CVs from £120.
Cover letters from £35.
Supporting statements for application forms from £70.

Hello Rachel, Thank you! Annie sent me the two versions. You've transformed them, and the great thing about them is that it's all true. Thanks so much for your fantastic work. Testimonial from a mum who asked The Career Coach to re-purpose her daughter's CV, London