Success in New Role Coaching

So you impressed your new employer with your answers at the interview, and you they offered you the job. Congratulations!

But of course now that you're about to start, you know you have to deliver on those promises (and the sooner the better). For the next three months all eyes are going to be on the new boy or new girl. And it doesn't matter how good you are, that's still daunting!

There's a lot of questions you're going to be asking. Questions like:

- What will the job really be like? And will I like it?
- What is really expected of me and can I deliver fast enough? This role is a big step up for me and what if I'm not really up to the task?
- Will my team be a good team to manage, hardworking and results-focused, or a pain and slow to adjust to my way of doing things?
- Will the company's culture be very different? (or if it's a new sector, will I learn quickly enough what I need to learn)
- What will my new boss be like, and how will I find my new colleagues?

Eight months max to make an impact

The statistics say that unless you make an impact in the first 8 months of your job, it's very hard to turn around other people's negative perceptions of you.

The stakes are particularly high if you have your own team, since they will be watching your every move and assessing your effectiveness against their last leader. They will be listening to see if you ask the right questions and whether you assess the problems and opportunities the business faces correctly. They will be anxious about what you will want to change, and what that might mean for them.

Success in Your New Role Programme

Success in Your New Role is a coaching programme designed to prepare and guide you step-by-step through your first three months in your new job.

One of the biggest challenges when starting any new job is finding someone you can trust to go to bring some perspective to your situation, and support you through what can be a bumpy ride as you get to grips with your new role.

Specifically, Success in Your New Role can help you in some/all of the following areas:

- Understanding the company, its vision, goals & objectives and values, its jargon and culture
- Building successful and influential relationships with your new boss, your team, and other key partners and colleagues around the business
- Assessing the challenges and opportunities the business faces, and clarifying early priorities. Securing early wins to give you visibility and build trust early on
- Assessing your skills, knowledge, strengths and contacts against the requirements of the role and developing a personal development action plan to address these gaps quickly
- Getting control of your diary and planning the time to think

Most of this you won't want to discuss directly with your boss or your induction buddy for obvious reasons.

That's why hiring a trained professional to help you through these crucial three months makes so much sense.

How Success In Your New Role works

- We start with an initial session (90 minutes). Ideally this is done before the start date, so we can plan that first all important meeting with your boss, and what you want to get from that first week.
- Two focus sessions per month (30 minutes) for three months to help you quickly assess the culture, relationships and early wins to secure success and to address challenges as they unfold.
- 90 Day Review session to look at progress made by end of the third month, and identify an action plan to keep you the momentum and progress for the next 6-12 months.

Can also be done as weekly sessions if preferred - Initial + 12 sessions + review

How can I find out if this is for me?

To find out more about how this programme works and whether it is suitable for you, we advise you to book a no-obligation 40 minute consultation by phone or Skype.

Commitment to your development is essential

Success in Your New Role Coaching is most suitable for people who are taking on a larger role, managing people or who are moving sector. You will probably have received leadership and management coaching before, and will know the value that having an experienced coach as a success partner can give you.

The results you achieve will be determined by the level of focus and follow through you can give to this programme. If you aren't committed to achieving professional excellence then this programme's probably not for you.