Outplacement Support for Companies

Initiating a redundancy programme is a challenging time for all concerned.

Providing employees with the right support to help them let go of their old role and move more confidently into their next role makes the transition easier and shows that that company cares.

The Career Coach is one of the UK's leading providers of outplacement workshops and coaching.

If you're looking to provide outplacement support for your staff, email ros@thecareercoach.co.uk today to discuss your requirements, budget and timescale.

We can offer coaching and online support for one or two staff, as many as 60 staff, or anything in between... from the most junior levels to the senior managers. We have a team of four experienced associates to support you, whatever your needs and within your budget.

We can also offer coaching to those left behind who are having to do more with less, where you want to minimise stress levels while maximising productivity in the new landscape.

Email us now to see if we could be the right provider for you.