Press Association Kick start your career in the new year

TURNING over a new leaf at work doesn't necessarily mean starting a new job, but improving your existing one is a great way to perk up your life for a successful year ahead.

Ros Toynbee, director of The Career Coach, says it's best to take a look back at what you have achieved so far before planning ahead.

"Go through the process of looking at the previous year and what key achievements, key learnings and key disappointments you experienced," she says.

"Sometimes we forget how far we've come and by analysing our experiences at work we can realise personal breakthroughs and understand where we can progress."

"Without a lottery win, a trust fund or inherited wealth, work is a 'must-do' to keep the roof over your head and food in your belly. You don't have to like it, but you do have to do it," says Caroline Righton, author of The Life Audit and The Handbook For Life.
"Giving up a job, or even changing it, is a big step and needs to be thought about very seriously with due consideration of all consequences."

Job-sharing, or cutting down hours while re-training for a completely different job could be options, Righton suggests.

Knowing your skills - and building on them - could also help you in the future.

If you found the path to success was littered with stumbling blocks in 2008, look at ways to prevent the same problems from happening again.

Boost your professional life in 2009 by considering some of these useful tips:

:: UPDATE YOUR CV: An up-to-date CV means you can chase a new opportunity as soon as it arises.

:: DELEGATE: Sharing the workload will prevent stress. Ask for support where possible and learn to offload any jobs that others can do.

:: REVIEW YOUR GOALS: Break down your goals so no task seems too great to achieve. At the end of each week, month or quarter, review how your working week has gone and what you steps you can take to improve further. Seek guidance from your peers at work to obtain different perspectives on your development.

:: LEARN: Learning something new will better your knowledge, enhance your skills and perhaps guide you into a new job prospect.

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