Redundancy guidance

Correct as at June 2009

Whether you've lost your job (or are about to), you need the best most up to date advice. The following links are some of the best articles I've seen online to help you thrive despite the economic downturn.

I'm being made redundant, what are my rights?

I've been offered redundancy but enjoy my job. Do I have to take it?
Article about the pros and cons of taking redundancy

What are my options if I am being made redundant against my will, or I think I'm being unfairly dismissed?
Comprehensive article outlining your rights
Jobsite currently offer a free initial consultation with a lawyer to find out your rights

What should I do with my redundancy money?
The Guardian Money section regularly runs good articles in this area. For example see:
They also have money calculators for identifying how much you might receive if you may be taking redundancy

The job search is getting me down. How do I stay positive?
Common sense tips for how to dust yourself off and keep your motivation high during the job search.

Disclaimer: The above guidance and articles are for general information only and are not to be construed as careers, legal or financial advice for a specific situation. Please contact the relevant professional (careers coach, employment lawyer or independent financial advisor) for advice on your particular situation.