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Questions to ask yourself before you request a coaching consultation

Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation. However, in our experience, unless you're serious about making it a priority and able to dedicate the time and money, you won't get great results or value for money on your investment.

It's important you answer these questions honestly. If they're a resounding "yes", you're ready to book your initial consultation.

1. Is turning around my career a real priority for me in the next three months? If you're about to get married, move house or need to finish the Masters it might be better to wait until your head is clear.

2. Do I have the time? If you can't find at least two 40 minute slots in your diary each month to focus on you and your career, and one hour to do the actions/homework between calls, you need to clear your diary first. (Or arrange a coaching session on time management so can you clear your diary).

3. Am I willing to make this financial investment in my future? Check our Booking and Fees page and ensure you can make the investment in yourself. We encourage you to talk this over with your manager or spouse before you call too. The actual fee for the issue you are bringing to coaching may be less than this, and you will be advised on the initial consultation what the likely fee will be. If you decide to proceed with our services during the initial consultation, you will receive a 10% discount, as well as your £20 off if you have also completed the Career MOT. Discounts are not available after the call.

4. If I want face to face coaching, can I clear my diary and be available during the day? Meetings are between 10 and 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you can only do evenings, then these sessions will be by phone or Skype.

PS By asking for a free consultation you consent to being on our mailing list and receiving infrequent emails. If you want to opt out of these emails, let your coach know during the consultation.