Returning to Permanent

How to Return to Corporate Life when You've Been Freelance

For: Freelancers who want to return to a permanent role but are struggling to secure interviews or win job offers (or fear they might).

Research shows that almost 29% of us now work in the 'gig economy'. It suits many professionals from marketers to lawyers. But not everyone.

Some discover after some time that working solo is too isolating and they long to belong to a team again where they can collaborate and socialise and feel a sense of common purpose.

Others find that insecure income causes too much stress or that the lenders' prejudice towards the self-employed is stopping them from reaching their home-ownership dreams.

Returning to permanent work, with its' monthly salary, sick pay and holidays, now makes more energetic sense than focusing on building a client base and business.

However, if you don't go about it in the right way, you might find that your job search stalls. Unfair as it is, from an employer's point of view you are more of a risk than someone with unbroken permanent employment history, and so to be successful you need to anticipate and overcome their bias.

What you'll learn:
The typical concerns employers have about taking on freelancers, especially if they have been working for themselves for a while
The mind-set, knowledge and skillset you can leverage from your freelance experience to pique your employer's interest. How to position your CV and cover letter accordingly to maximise your chances of being shortlisted.
Great answers to tricky questions like 'So why are you returning to permanent?' in interview
How to get the best from recruiters, who may not challenge their corporate clients when their clients default to asking only for candidates who've had permanent roles in their competitors
And much more
The session will be interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask the questions which are on your mind and will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards so you can listen back if you can't make the date.

One Hour Webinar
Thursday 24th May 2018 - 8pm to 9pm
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