The Really Useful Guide to Getting Hired Through LinkedIn

If you're looking for a new job (or thinking about it), having a LinkedIn profile that showcases what you can offer a new employer will open up a world of possibilities.

Most people think that LinkedIn is a glorified CV, but it is so much more.

It will showcase you to employers and recruiters who are already searching LinkedIn to find you (you read that right - LinkedIn actively works with employers and recruiters to show them how to use the search functions to find people just like you, even before you start looking for a job).

You also have access to a network that can tell you just about anything you need to know to hear about jobs before they are advertised, or to tailor your application so you're shortlisted when they are.

This means that you can hugely accelerate your job search and start collecting job offers, even if you have a busy full-time job or you think your existing network is a bit paltry.

If you're one of the many users who are realising there's a world of potential on LinkedIn but you don't have a clue where to begin, or how to develop what you have to truly achieve your career goals, then you'll love our 'Really Useful Guide to Using LinkedIn to Get Hired' webinar accessible from the comfort of your own home.

In this live 75 minute interactive webinar with Danny Bermant, The Career Coach's resident LinkedIn expert, will demonstrate how you can:

- Optimise your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed by the right employers and recruiters
- How to use LinkedIn to carry out due diligence - an essential tool for helping you find the right employer - as well as weeding out the ones to you'd rather avoid!
- Grow your on-line network with relevant contacts who can help you in your search, and refer you to employers they know
- How to interact with your network - what to say so that they can open doors for you
- Understand the new interface so you can find all the right tools to accelerate your job search

We promise you'll get a myriad of easy and quick tips which anyone can use (even if you're wary of social media) to raise their online profile and get them in front of employers that they'd love to work for.

Better still, you'll be able to bring your questions through live chat or on the telephone and have them answered, once and for all. (Really useful if like us you've found that LinkedIn's Help facility isn't that helpful sometimes and three-minute youtube videos don't give you the real low-down on the most efficient ways to use LinkedIn specifically to find a job).

How can I sign up?

This webinar runs on Wednesday 7th June at 7.00pm and ends at 8.15pm. Instructions on how to connect to the gotowebinar event will be sent out before the event.

To book click here

Can't make the live event?

No problem. We will be recording it so you can replay it at a time that is convenient for you, and we'll keep the replay up for the next three months so you can revisit it as your job search progresses. Each section will have clear screenshots that take you through what exactly you need to do - and how - to get you in front of employers you want to work for in a few keystrokes. There'll also be an accompanying guide.

Who is Danny?

Danny Bermant is a social media expert who has been teaching our clients at The Career Coach (both professionals and freelancers) how to reach out to their ideal employer and clients for over ten years now. He has a clear and easy explanation style to help you nail LinkedIn without getting overwhelmed or confused by its extensive features.

Danny usually charges private clients £225 per coaching session but we're giving you access to his extensive knowledge for just £47 (plus Eventbrite's fees). Biog here

How can I find out more?

Not sure if this webinar is right for you? Send your questions and a bit about your job search situation to and we'll answer them as soon as we can.

Please note that places must be paid for in advance. There will be no tickets available on the day. Organisers reserve the right, if the minimum number of participants is not achieved, to move the event to another date or to refund your ticket. If you don't want to use Eventbrite but are able to pay by debit or credit card over the telephone, please email us with a time we can call you to take payment and confirm your place that way.

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