The Really Useful Guide to Getting Hired Through LinkedIn Webinar

If you're looking for a new job (or thinking about it) having a LinkedIn profile that showcases what you can offer a new employer will open up a world of possibilities.

Most people think that LinkedIn is a glorified CV, but it is so much more.

Not only can it showcase you to employers and recruiters who are already searching LinkedIn to find you (you read that right - LinkedIn actively works with employers and recruiters to show them how to use the search functions to find people just like you, even before you start looking for a job).

You also have access to a network that can tell you just about anything you need to know to hear about jobs before they are advertised, or to tailor your application so you're shortlisted when they are.

In this 60 minute video you'll discover how to

- Optimise your profile so you get noticed by employers and recruiters by showing how you can add value and how you would be a fit for them
- Grow your on-line network of people who can help you in your search
- How to interact with them - what to say so that they can open doors for you
- Understand the new interface so you can find all your favourite features and work on a few that you didn't even know existed

Click here to watch it.