Working with bullies and other difficult people

THURSDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER 6.30-8.00pm Central London

Working with people you don't like is stressful. You want to focus on doing your job well, but if you are dependent on others to be able to do that and they are frustrating your efforts or you have to be accountable to a boss you dislike (and may even be picking on you), it can quickly undermine your self- confidence too.

Being able to work with different personalities to your own - and especially those who wield power over you comes down to displaying a certain mind-set and skills.

These can be learned, practiced and honed so that you can work with anyone and gain a reputation as someone who is effective in working with others (even if you don't like or respect them).

In this interactive one and a half hour workshop with leading career coach Ros Toynbee you'll:

- Learn a framework for working out the 'types' you are dealing with, understand your 'type' and know why the conflict is occurring

- Gain insight into what makes others you dislike tick, and how to communicate your message in a way that gets heard, understood and acted on. If you've ever struggled with getting your message across, you'll learn simple tips for how you can gain credibility and buy-in.

- What bullying is and how to assess if you are being bullied. And, if you are, the options available to you for raising the issue from informal means to formal grievance procedures.

- Learn the crucial mind-set you need to bring to get you back in calm and neutral, when someone is driving you crazy and you are ready to explode.

- Experience a practical tool to rehearse your opening to a difficult conversation, including confronting a bully, so that when you do you have the words to say and the strength to say them.

This workshop is available to any professional at any stage of their career ladder. However it is timely for you if you have:

- had confrontations which left you embarrassed and possibly with your tail between your legs, because you didn't handle it with skill

- find it hard to stand up for yourself, especially with others who are more senior, extrovert or assertive than you

- are currently in a situation where you are being bullied, harassed or criticised, your confidence has taken a hit, and you need clarity on how to handle it while maintaining your poise and self-respect

What are the details?

When: From 6.30-8pm Thursday 21st September 2017.

Where: Friends House, Euston Road, central London (near Euston Station)

How to book: Book through eventbrite

Who is facilitating it?

Ros Toynbee, Founder and Lead Coach of The Career Coach ( Read her biog here.

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