If you’ve worked for an employer where you just didn’t fit in, you’ll know how important is to check for great cultural fit before you accept a job offer.

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, have cottoned onto this fact and now advise the employers advertising through the site to promote their organisation with plenty of information about how great it is to work for on their site pages. This is great news for candidates, who can glean so much more information at the tip of their fingertips on culture, even before they apply. If you’re actively looking for a new job, do look up the names of the organisations you are interested in to “Follow” them and read up all about them.

There have in recent years been an explosion of different lists of “best places to work”. This blog names just a few of them. Use them to refine your search and ask relevant questions in interview to assess fit before accepting that offer. Good luck!

Glassdoor – top UK companies


Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For – Best Companies, Best Large and Small Companies, and Best Not for Profits in the UK


Great Place to Work Survey by Forbes – you can check the UK, America and any other country you would like to move to


LinkedIn Top UK Companies to Work For


N.B. for this last one, LinkedIn say their report is data-driven according to which companies are attracting and keeping the best talent using LinkedIn, rather than a survey of workplace culture itself.


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