For some professionals, working in a large faceless company is not for them. They want to work in a small organisation where there is a sense of knowing everyone and belonging, and if and when the company grows, they can grow with the company. 

But how do you find such companies, so that you can begin to approach them and position yourself as the person they need? 

There’s no one perfect way but good old Google is a place to start. A simple search “small companies London” reveals several best places to work type surveys and other lists, for example:

Now some of these organisations will be too small to have any need for some specialisms. Remember that with small companies you might be the only person in that function, so you might need to position yourself as more generalist – unless of course they need several technical people.

Using the search “fastest growing companies uk” will also work. This search today revealed:

This is also the best way to find the tech companies, if you’re looking to find another role in tech or pivot into a sector that is enjoying fast growth.

Of course, if you are happy to work remotely, and if you have languages besides English, you can run searches which set the location as EU or The Netherlands or whatever alongside “small companies” or “fastest growing companies”:


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