If you’re active in a job search you may be considering – or be using a headhunter or recruiter – to help you hear about roles that aren’t advertised elsewhere.

They form strong relationships with their client organisations and work hard to find good people, like you, to fill roles that their client needs to reach its business objectives.  They’re an important part of the five ways to find opportunities, and if relevant to your role and sector, should definitely be part of your job search campaign.

Yet many professionals have trouble finding good ones. Recruiters may “palm you off” with “please submit your CV through the website first”, only to never to hear from them again. Headhunters (who work with senior leaders and C-Suite) seem to work in a different way again, leading to frustration!

In our December webinar, I interviewed Ivor Campbell of Snedden Campbell, a very experienced life sciences headhunter to ask him how the pandemic and working from home had changed how headhunters work, the new opportunities opening up, how to engage headhunters and ace video interviews, position yourself on LinkedIn and much more.

You can watch the recording until Jan 2021 here with passcode cF=eBT$3