Pretty much all of us can remember our first ever job interview, and how intimidated we were by it… or indeed, how intimidated we weren’t by it. For all of the nervousness that a lot of us feel about job interviews, sometimes, there can be just as great a risk of not taking them sufficiently seriously.

The likelihood is that at some point in your career, you have been in one of these categories, or perhaps both of them at certain times.

Maybe you were so overcome by nerves at a particular crucial interview that you blurted out the wrong things, or forgot vital details? Or maybe you thought you could get away with ‘winging it’, only for your lack of preparation to be cruelly exposed by the very first interview question?

These are precisely the kinds of situations that interview coaching is designed to help professionals like yourself to avoid. But is it a service that you should consider ahead of your next interview, or will you probably do perfectly fine by preparing on your own?

A service that can be suitable for a wide range of circumstances

If you tend to be quite confident in the interview room anyway and usually excel at them, you might not feel a great need for interview coaching. In truth, though, almost anyone who takes advantage of this service is likely to learn something about themselves, their performance and how they can improve.

Indeed, there are a number of circumstances in which you are likely to especially benefit from interview coaching. These include if you are the kind of person who always seems to get interviews but never offers, in which case, an interview coach could pinpoint where you’re going wrong. Or perhaps it’s been years since you last attended an interview? If so, you’ll almost certainly be a bit rusty, so interview coaching will enable you to update your knowledge of how interviews are conducted today, as well as give you practice in matching your experience to the role’s requirements.

Other popular reasons for jobseekers enquiring about interview coaching include if the interview is for their dream job, or they are scared about a specific ‘issue’ potentially tripping them up during the interview – for example, them having been sacked from their last job.

Why not ask us about how we can get you shipshape?

There are just so many seemingly small aspects of interview performance that could risk you missing out on a job offer against a crowded field of capable candidates. Maybe your answers tend to be too long or too short, or perhaps you lack a little bit of confidence or exude too much negativity when in an interview room? Again, these are all things that may have escaped your notice, but which interview coaching can help you to root out.

Why not get in touch, then, with The Career Coach, so that we can help to ensure you deliver a truly outstanding next interview performance – and in the process, position yourself advantageously to secure that much-longed-for role?