You may not have needed a career plan if interesting possibilities have presented themselves to you – and there have been enough of them – to develop and progress in the way you want to. If that’s you, you can stop reading now.

But for many professionals, they discover that unless they drive their own career their way, the opportunities that come their way are not the ones they’d choose.

Our One Page Career Plan Coaching Programme will give you:

  • A compelling career vision which reflect your strengths, values and interests (dread no more the question “what’s next for you?” or “where do you want to be five years from now?”).

  • Clarity about the 3-5 potential moves available to you.
  • A detailed plan which helps you take control of your career and build your career in a way that’s satisfying for you.

Suitable whatever stage you are at in your career. Also for those thinking about transferring their skills to the charitable or another sector, or moving abroad and needing to think more strategically about how they plan to make the leap.

“I worked with Ros, quite intensively, over a one month period. I was not happy in my job and keen to make sure my next role would be a better fit for me. Ros enabled me to understand what really matters to me and what I needed in my next role as well as, importantly, what I did not need.

The clarity I have gained is extremely helpful. What was also very useful, and enlightening, was the way Ros became the catalyst for wider discussions with my partner to ensure we were both on the same page when it came to life goals such as work/life balance and even where we wanted to live. This whole person approach is just what I needed and I feel ready for the next stage of my career and life.

Thank you, Ros”.

M.C. - One Page Career Plan Programme

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