Having problems securing a new role? Struggling with getting shortlisted – or getting shortlisted but not receiving job offers, especially ones that you’d be delighted to accept? Has your motivation and focus nose-dived? Or perhaps you are at the start of this process and simply thinking about finding a new role, but since it’s been a while since your last search, you are feeling nervous about how to go about it.

Recruitment processes have become more complex and lengthy in recent years, while technology is disrupting the way that organisations find talent, creating confusion and frustration for candidates who are not “in the know”.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, it could be time to explore whether working with a specialist career coach could accelerate your progress so that you don’t have to tolerate staying in your current organization – or being unemployed – a moment longer than you need to.

Choose from receiving comprehensive end-to-end to support through our Get Hired! Professionals Programme or our “just get me focused” Lite version.

“Searching for work when unemployed is a fairly isolating task. Effectively the only feedback I received was through rejection. Coaching with The Career Coach was a way of providing me with structure, advice and challenge to maximise my opportunities in and around my search for work.

Coaching provided me with a set of tools to assess where I was in my search for work and what I needed to concentrate on to deliver positive results. It also provided me with a methodology to determine what type of job I would be most happy in, what sectors to concentrate on as well as enabling me to be resilient in my search. Above all it allowed me to feel ok about the downsides of job search – particularly the open-ended nature of the activity – and made me worry less.

I have been offered an interesting interim management role so I will be back to searching for my next opportunity after six months. However the difference next time will be that I have the tools and structure to be able to undertake this search as a result of the coaching that I have received”.

Andrew Elkington

Programme Director, Wirral Borough Council

“Ros is a highly accomplished coach who really helped me during my job-search following a career break. By providing a thorough and structured approach Ros helped me to achieve my short term goals whilst also providing tools and insight that will help me as a manager in the years to come”.

Nick Bath

Head of Digital Transformation Solutions, Gemserve