Do you have trained internal coaches who coach managers within your organisation?

Might you be looking for a new cost-effective provider to provide external supervision to build your coaches competence, confidence and creativity in their coaching …and in so doing make a greater impact in driving up levels of leadership effectiveness and ROI on coaching within the business?

For organisations, external supervision has additional benefits:

  • It’s the key to quality assurance across your business.
  • It manages the risks that can be inherent in coaching, including conflicts of interest.
  • Shares knowledge.
  • Acts as an “canary in the coalmine” system for flagging up certain people-related issues (engagement, performance, retention, bullying and harassment, equal pay etc.), enabling HR and Business Heads to reverse them before they become urgent and expensive.

Having formal and protected time for in-depth reflection to discuss coaching work in a confidential setting is also recommended by all the major professional bodies to maintain good practice and is a requirement when applying for accreditation.

Choose from one-to-one supervision and facilitated peer supervision sessions for professional development and/or accreditation purposes (ACC and PCC levels, ICF)

“Ros is my coaching supervisor and has been since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy the support and insight that she provides. She is a great listener and is able to shape a set of questions to help challenge my thinking and help be construct some new options moving forward.

She has a calm and relaxed nature and this works very well and we are learning and reflecting on my coaching practice together.  Ros provides good structure to her supervision work and I always come away feeling I have learnt a lot that am able to integrate into my coaching practice”.

June Boyle

Executive Coach