While the basic principle behind outplacement support is to assist workers who are either voluntarily or involuntarily leaving an organisation to prepare for a competitive job market and their next role, all too many employers fail to appreciate or realise its full value.

Outplacement services, after all, are invaluable to both the employee and employer. For departing staff, the practical and emotional coaching and other support provided can make a huge difference to their ability to smoothly move on with their lives and quickly re-enter employment.

As an organisation, meanwhile, working alongside a trusted provider of outplacement support such as The Career Coach can free up your firm’s energies and resources for ongoing core business operations, in the knowledge that those exiting your company are receiving the help they need.

Can your firm afford an outplacement support programme?

The key question may actually be, can your organisation afford not to put outplacement support measures in place? Implementing such a service is not merely an altruistic gesture to employees of yours who may have just been made redundant.

After all, today’s job market is intensely competitive, fast-evolving and complex. Some employees of yours may have been in their role for many years, which might leave them inadequately prepared for the challenges of navigating the new opportunities before them – or even knowing which next steps to make in their professional lives.

Furthermore, in this age of social media and review platforms like Glassdoor, any especially disgruntled ex-employees have plenty of channels through which they can express their disapproval of any aspect of your organisation’s conduct. Putting in place the right outplacement support can therefore be instrumental in minimising the risk of future reputational damage to your brand.

We’ll assemble the services that best match your company’s needs

Not all firms, of course, have the same requirements and expectations when seeking outplacement support from specialists like ours. You may wish to provide such coaching and support to just one or two staff, or up to 60, while the seniority and experience levels of the workers leaving your company may also greatly vary. Then, there are the all-important budgetary considerations.

We are accustomed here at The Career Coach to serving a wide range of needs from firms looking to us for outplacement services. So why not enquire to us today to find out more about the expertise that we can lend as you seek to support your departing personnel in the optimum way?