Frustrated in your search because the only roles that seems to be advertised are front line lower skilled rather than managerial or mid-level roles?

The pandemic has certainly caused a huge spike in the need to create more roles for delivery drivers, care workers and supermarket staff to meet the way we are living and working now. But it’s not the whole story.

LinkedIn has created a useful report on where the jobs are – and if you are happy to work remotely then many more digital and managerial roles pop up.

LinkedIn has changed their Job alerts set up so that you can widen your search to include “remote jobs”. Of course extending your search to purely remote roles comes in particularly handy if you don’t want to be restricted geographically. But it’s not for everyone. For some, the easy communication that comes from being in an office is sorely missed.

Need more help with your search?

A job search at this time continues to be a frustrating experience for many, as roles are oversubscribed. How do you cut through the noise and get your application noticed?

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